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About the Lair of the Dragon

Handcrafting has always been a passion of mine. In my early 20’s I took a road trip across the United States, just me, my dog and a friend. We hit National Forest’s all across the nation (Because National Parks don’t allow dogs but Forest do) we camped for 3 months living off the land as much as possible and only stayed in a hotel twice the whole time. We would go to a Walmart once a month and buy what necessitates we needed but mostly purchased food from farmers, goods from local small businesses and crafted things we needed along the way. This is where I gained a love and respect for herbalism and the power of what herbs can bring to the body, inside and out. I learned from farmers, small business owners, and people along the trials that were on the same life adventure that we were on. I learned to create daily need products out of whole natural ingredients and even things for my dog too! I learned how to make loose leaf teas from plants and flowers along our way that tasted fresher than anything I had ever purchased at a chain store before. Even candles I would purchase never seemed to last as long or smell as good as when I would make them myself. It was truly the happiest I’ve ever been, creating hand crafted goods for the body and soul. 

Once the trip was over I went back to college got both my Surgical Technician Certification and degree in Business. While I was successful, I was never as happy or fulfilled as when I was creating hand crafted goods. Sometimes the Universe decides for us and I was finally in a position to take a step back and decide what really made me happy and what next steps I wanted to take in life. I finally decided it was time to pursue my passion and Lair of the Dragon Apothecary was born. 

We live our lives in the hustle and bustle of modern day life but that doesn’t mean we need to fill ourselves with process chemicals that can be harmful just to get a good deodorant, ointment or some simple pain relief for sore muscles. Self Care is one of the most important things in life. We can’t take care of the ones we love if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. My passion is creating handcrafted Self Care goods. Items that are natural, whole ingredients so worrying about what’s in your products isn’t a concern, you just focus on you and your Self Care. Let me help you on your journey from the things I learned on mine. 


To bring quality products to people so they can strengthen their self care regimen.


Always using natural ingredients that provide the mind body and spirit with love, joy, and happiness. 

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